Acceptable use policy and conditions of public use computers

Oldham Libraries, Information and Archive Service offers the opportunity to use a wide range of information sources for education, information and leisure purposes.

Conditions of use

Access by adults

Access by children

Security and filtering

Internet access from the Libraries is filtered and random checks will be made on sites visited.  If you find an unsuitable site which is not blocked or a site that you feel has been inappropriately blocked please inform a member of staff. 
Inappropriate Use

The result of inappropriate use will be a suspension from the People’s Network.

Use of the facilities may be terminated by the library staff at any time if in the opinion of the library staff the user fails to comply with the foregoing conditions or is otherwise misusing or attempting to misuse the service.

In order to prevent misuse, library staff (or other employees of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council) may monitor the activity taking place on any computer provided for public use. Such monitoring may include, but is not limited to:

Use of Personal Laptops in the Library & Lifelong Learning Centre
Laptops can only be attached to a power source where it will not cause a hazard to other users or members of staff.  Staff will have the final say with regard to any possible hazard.

The Internet is a global electronic network available to all and Oldham Libraries cannot control the information available.  Oldham Libraries have taken care to ensure against improper use of its computers and that unsuitable material cannot be accessed on the Internet.  Care has also been taken to prevent computer viruses.

Oldham Libraries accepts no responsibility for the nature, accuracy, validity or legality of information available over the Internet.  Furt

If any of the above points are not clear, please ask a member of staff for clarification before proceeding.